Since 1992
Since 1992

We firmly believe that the most reliable quality and the most competitive prices, the most pragmatic style will be let us become the most dependent on your business partners.

Since 1992
Since 1992

Iron-based alloy barrels processed with centrifugal casting technology and Nickel-based alloy barrels, produced with vacuum sintering process.


Screws for injection Molding

Fully Hardened Screw, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, it is made of die steel and HIP powder alloy steel imported from USA, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland and Japan.

Barrels for injection molding

Bimetallic barrel, Fe based barrels produced with centrifugal casting processing and Nickel bases alloy barrels produced with vacuum sintering process, halogen-free special barrels.

Single Screws & Barrels for Extruders

According to different plastic properties, different screws can be selected: common type, gradient type, mutant type, double-headed type, multi-headed type, spiral type, separation type, barrier type, wave type, exhaust type, pin type, mixed type, etc.

Twin Screws & Barrels for Extruders

Modular parallel twin screws and barrel series produced with domestic and imported PM-HIP powder alloy steel.

Screws and Barrel for Rubber Machines

Rubber hot/cold feed screws and barres: Φ30-Φ300 Rubber pin cold feed screws and barrels: Φ75-Φ250 L/D Ratio: 4-20 Applications: Rubber tires, cables, sealants, conveyor belts, and many more.


Screw head, end cap,
nozzle, special materials,



SUPERIOR MACHINERY was established in 1992 in Ningbo (China), the east departure port of the ancient “Maritime Silk Road” and one of the most important port nodes of the current “One Belt, One Road” Chinese National Strategy. The geographical environment and the long history of business culture make Ningbo an important foreign trade port and high-end manufacturing leading city in China.

SUPERIOR MACHINERY currently owns a modern factory covering an area of about 10,000 square meters, equipped with high-end precision processing and production equipment.

+30 years of experience

SUPERIOR MACHINERY CO.,LTD has been growing from a machinery workshop to nowadays’ modern manufacturing plant with the production space of 10000 ㎡.

ISO 9000 certified

PassedISO 9000 quality management system certification,we are trusted by our customers, with advanced technology, high quality, and good service.

Cutting-edge technology

The vacuum sintered Ni-based alloy barrels,Fully Hardened super-polished screws

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Chinaplas 2024

International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition will be held in Shanghai, China from April 23th to April 26th. Superior Machinery will participate in this exhibition.

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