Screws for injection Molding

Fully Hardened Screw, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, it is made of die steel and HIP powder alloy steel imported from USA, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland and Japan. We select the highest quality materials for different working conditions. Suitable for injection molding: ABS, PP, TPU, TP2, PE, PS and other materials with light wear and weak corrosion; PC, LCP, PPS, POM, PA, PBT and other materials with less than 30% fiber content; PA, LCP, PPA, PPS, peek, Pei, bakelite and other materials with 30% – 50% fiber; PC white, PC transparent, PMMA, peak, PSV, PS, PE and other materials with high viscosity and poor fluidity; PA, PPA, LCP, fiber more than 50%, broken fiber, ceramics, metal powder, magnetic powder and other high wear materials; DuPont HTN, DSM PA46, PA66, PA6, PA9T, pa4t and other highly corrosive halogen-free fireproof materials; Injection molding of various colored materials with high wear and corrosion.