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SST200 series are made from domestic and imported cold-working alloy steel.


Well abrasion resistance and hardenability, superior toughness, good surface properties, suitable for surface nitriding, electrol plate and PVD treatment

SST200 series screws are suitable for SBK3 barrel.

Material: Imported cold-working alloy steel

Overall hardness: HRC 58°-60°

Heat treatment: Vacuum quenching (Preheat temperature: 650 ~ 750°C)

Austenitizing temperature: 950-1080°C (Normally is 1030 ~ 1050°C)

Suitable for injection molding:
PC, LCP, PPS, POM, PA, PBT and other materials with a fiber addition of less than 30%.


Electron, electric equipment, fan, machinery parts and electronic parts.