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SST700 screw is a vacuum sintered nickel-based alloy coated screw, suitable for high wear materials.

The base material is high quality alloy steel and the coating is imported ni-based self-fluxing alloy powder.

excellent wear resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, metallurgical combination of
alloy layer and matrix. SST700 series match with SBK5 barrel

Suitable for injection molding:
all kinds of colored materials with high wear and corrosion.

Laser accessories, optical fiber, communication, motor, thermoset injection molding

Chemical composition of SST700 and SBK5:

Composition(Typical) %
Boron 3.6
Carbon 0.55
Chromium 16.5
Copper 2.1
Iron 3.0
Molybdenum 3.5
Nickel Rem.
Silicon 4.8

Parameter of wear test

Load 250CN, revolution 205.6 rpm, pure sliding dry friction, weighing the wear loss per 10 hours (g); the sealing and grinding sample is the upper sample Cr12MoV quenching, tempering, HRC:60. 1,59.9, 59.6 (fixed sample at 60°C)