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SST500 Series is made of imported powder metallurgy steel.


High wear resistance, very good toughness, bottom corrosion resistance, very good hardenability, stable heat treatment size.

SST500 series screw are suitable for  SBK5 barrels.

Material: Imported powder alloy steel

Hardness: HRC 60 ° ~ 64 °

Heat treatment: Vacuum quenching (Preheating temperature: 600 ~ 700°C)

Austenitizing temperature: 1000 ~ 1024 °C

Tempering temperature: 530 ~ 580 °C

Suitable for injection:

PA, PPA, LCP, fiber plus more than 50%, carbon fiber, ceramic, metal powder, magnetic powder and other high wear materials.


Ceramic injection molding, LED bracket, transformer skeleton, MIM injection, electrical accessories