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Co-Rotating Parallel Twin screws and barrels


1.Common steel:

Material 38CrMoAIA Roughness Ra0.4
Heat treatment hardness HB260~320 Screw straightness 0.015mm
Nitriding hardness HV950~1000 Chrome plating hardness ≥950HV
Nitriding depth 0.5~0.7mm Chrome thickness 0.05~0.10mm
Fragility ≤grade 2 Bimetal depth 1.0~2.0mm
Bimetal hardness HRC56~65

Special steel:

Hot-worked steel 1.2344、H13、W360、SKD61
Cold-worked steel 1.2379、K340、D2、DC53、SKD11、W110
HSS 1.3343、1.3243、SKH51、SKH55
HIP powder HSS CPM9V、SK739、SK726、SK742、GH113

Materials are made of domestic and imported PM-HIP powder steel.

2.PTA alloy:

Screw flight top use Stellite plasma alloy welding, alloy types:cobalt base,nickel base, iron base alloy.

3.Barrel alloy layer:

Barrel use centrifugal casting alloy inner bore, shrinkagefit technology. Alloy types:cobalt base,nickel base, ironbase alloy.

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